MLM Prospecting Tips: Finding the Truly Interested who will Take Action

When prospects are looking at any business opportunity, they will assess it based upon what they feel comfortable with and with which company they have the best chance at success.


Any MLM business will first start by looking for prospects. Building a downline can only happen when you have identified prospects. The question is how will you identify these prospects? There are many different ways to do this such as buying a phone list of business opportunity seekers, asking family and friends to join the business, or to talk with people at places you regularly visit such as a coffee shop. These are often methods that are not highly effective in building interested prospects.


The approach that can work very effectively for you is attraction marketing. This is simply a type of marketing where you work on attracting prospects to your website. You do not have to worry about selling but rather about getting people to visit your website and to give them information so they will buy from you. It is very important with attraction marketing that you have a deep well of knowledge about your product and industry. When people come to your website or to you, it is important that you are able to provide the information they are looking for. This can start building a bond so that they will eventually buy from you.


Attraction marketing is the simplest method of marketing you can do with your primary MLM business. It is not a quick solution to building a business but sets you up with the ability to consistently bring in new prospects and customers by following these same steps on a regular basis. With your knowledge, you are working on solving your customers’ problems. Instead of being a pushy salesman, you position yourself as a trusted advisor to your customers. They will welcome your advice when you portray this message both in words and in action.


One of the best MLM prospecting tips is that you must be the face of the business. People often will not sign up for a business without having an idea that someone can help them. This is where you need to put yourself forward as a good resource for anyone who may want to join your downline. When you are doing attraction marketing, one way to leverage this powerful resource is to combine it with social networking. This is the way business has begun to move both currently and into the future. It is a way to interact with your customers. People are not happy with simply reading websites for information. They want to be able to interact with business persons and with products and services. With social networking, you interact with your customers in different ways on the Internet. You can post regularly to forums your customers visit. You can keep a blog that you regularly post on. Follow up on comments by your readers. Post on your customers’ blogs. Offer a free webinar to explain a solution to common customers’ problems.


These are two very important prospecting tips for your MLM business. The business becomes easiest when you work on bringing the people to you. This shows their interest in what you have to offer. It is then your job to understand what they are looking for and to provide it. You can do all this through social networking and be sure to use different ways to interact with them. This can ensure that your MLM business has a great deal of success.


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